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Tokens is one of the Game Mechanics in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms.

Event Tokens will drop periodically from monsters in all adventures and campaigns. You will also receive Event Tokens along with your offline gold gains when you load the game after having been offline for a while. Finally, using Bounty Contracts during the event will award Event Tokens at a rate of 2.4 per minute (12 for a tiny contract, 72 for a small, 576 for a medium, and 1152 for large contracts).

Icon Token Deity Event Campaign
Harvest Baskets
Harvest Baskets Chauntea Highharvestide
Liars Tarts
Liars Tarts Leira Liars' Night
Skulls Jergal Feast of the Moon
Candles Shar Simril
Snowflakes Oghma Wintershield
Giftboxes Eldath Midwinter
Firemints Sune Grand Revel
Fresh Fish
Fresh Fish Umberlee Fleetswake
Pennants Lliira Festival of Fools
Bouquets Lothander Greengrass
Leaves Rillifane The Running
Rusted Gears
Rusted Gears Gond The Great Modron March
Dragon Claws
Dragon Claws Waukeen Dragondown
Taols Asmodeus Founders' Day
Sunflowers Savra Midsummer
Lute Strings
Lute Strings Azuth Ahghairon's Day
Owlbear Feathers
Owlbear Feathers Tempus Brightswords