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Time Gates in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms allow the player to revisit past events.


Time gates open automatically on weekends when no Events are happening, about once every three weeks. They can also be opened by collecting 6 Icon Time Gate Piece.png Time Gate Pieces, which drop from bosses and can be purchased from Patrons.

When the gate opens, the player can choose one of three event champions and play their adventure. The gate remains open for 72 hours.

Time Gate adventures grant Mystra's Favor Mystra's Favor, which can be converted to Divine Favor in one of the main campaigns once the gate closes.

The first time you open a particular time gate, reaching level 50 unlocks the champion and awards one of their gold chests. Reaching level 75 on another run awards a second gold chest. In the gate's freeplay, reaching every 100 levels (100, 200, 300, etc.) for the first time will award a silver chest for this champion. After that, you can continue to play to accumulate more Favor, but no more chests will be awarded for reaching those levels.

If you open the same gate a second time, gold chests are awarded at level 100 and 125, and so on.

If the gate closes before you have claimed both chests, and you used 6 Time Gate Pieces to open the gate, you will be refunded one Time Gate Piece for each unclaimed chest.

Time gate pieces drop at most roughly every 5 days.


Time gates are one of two primary paths to gearing up event champions outside of their respective events (the other being Patrons chests). Time gates are also the only way to unlock event champions that are no longer available in their original event.

Time Gates FAQ[]

Q: What are the Time Gates?

A: Long ago, there were ways to travel through time within Toril. These portals, or Time Gates as they were known, were powerful creations of magic that have become lost to time. Mystra, the goddess of magic, has foreseen great challenges coming for the Champions and has granted one of her chosen, Kaylaar, the power to open Time Gates to assist you in your quests.

Q: OK, so that's the lore-filled explanation. But what does that really mean?

A: Time Gates are a feature for Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. They are an avenue by which you can earn Champions from previous events that you may have missed, and/or gear them up for free. Once a Champion's Time Gate is open you'll be able to replay the event adventure they are tied to, and collect up to 3 gold chests for the Champion, plus a number of silver Champion chests based on how far you can progress. If you haven't unlocked the champion in the past, you'll also earn that champion when you complete the first Time Gate adventure.

Q: How often are Time Gates available?

A: Natural Time Gates will be opened by Kaylaar approximately every 3 weeks (give or take). Natural Time Gates allow you to pick from one of three randomly chosen Champions and open their Time Gate for free. If you use Time Gate Pieces you can choose to open a Time Gate for any Champion you want at any time.

Q: What are Time Gate Pieces?

A: Bosses can drop Time Gate Pieces. These are extremely rare drops which have a long cooldown, so farming bosses will not increase your drop rate. Once you collect 6 of those pieces, you can ask Kaylaar to open a Champion Time Gate outside of the Natural Time Gate period. Time Gate pieces can also be found in some premium package deals and are common in wild offers.

Q: My Natural Time Gate has different champions available than my friend's Natural Time Gate. Is that a bug?

A: No. The champions for each player are randomly chosen based on the champions they have collected already. If possible, there will always be at least one event Champion you haven't unlocked available in your Natural Time Gates.

Q: What do I have to do to collect the displayed Time Gate rewards?

A: The first time you select any given Champion through the time gate, you'll need to complete three runs to collect the main rewards: one to area 50, one to area 75, and one of a random variant from that Champion's event. You can also earn silver Champion chests by defeating the bosses at area 100, 200, 300, etc. These silver chests will only be awarded once per boss per Time Gate.

Q: How is the variant adventure chosen?

A: The variant adventure is chosen at random from the three that were originally associated with the Champion during the Champion's original event. If you have not previously completed all of the valid variants, the system will choose one of the incomplete ones, so if you're starting from scratch you will encounter all three within three time gates.

Q: I just triggered a Time Gate and the areas I have to reach are higher than 50 & 75. Why is that?

A: The first time you select a champion, the areas you have to reach are 50 & 75. The next time that champion is available within a Time Gate, the target areas are increased for each area-based objective you previously completed, so you'll have to get to areas 100 & 125. This effect stacks if you continue to choose the same Champion for all of your Time Gates, making their rewards harder and harder to get. However, if you don't choose that champion when it's available, the *next* time that champion becomes available the required levels will drop by 25 (to a minimum of 50 & 75).

Q: How long are Time Gates open for?

A: Time Gates are available for only 72 hours after they are opened, whether they are opened through the normal event cadence or through your collected Time Gate pieces. If you wait until later in a Natural Time Gate weekend to pick a free gate, that gate will still be available for 72 hours, regardless of how much time was left in the free weekend.

Q: Do I gain divine favor during a Time Gate event?

A: Yes, you gain favor with Mystra, and you'll be forced to convert it once the Time Gate closes, just like normal events. The conversion ratio is much smaller than normal events.

Q: What happens if I close a Time Gate early?

A: You immediately lose access to that Time Gate's adventure, so you can't earn any more Mystra favor or rewards. You will get up to two Time Gate Pieces as compensation for the missed rewards (minus one for each reward claimed) and must immediately convert any Mystra favor you have earned.

Q: If I decide I don't want to collect the champion's available for free, can I choose a different champion?

A: Yes, you can choose to open a Time Gate using Time Gate Pieces even during a free Time Gate weekend. The free Champions will still be available for the entire weekend, so you can close your new gate early and then pick from one of the free ones anytime before the free Time Gate weekend ends. Once you have chosen one of the free Time Gate Champions, the others will no longer be free.

Q: I opened the time gate, but I didn't collect all the rewards. What happens?

A: You will get up to two Time Gate Pieces as compensation for missed rewards, so if a Time Gate becomes available and you chose a champion, but you are unable to complete any of the objectives, you'll find 2 additional Time Gate pieces in your inventory when the Time Gate closes. If you complete one of the objectives, you will only receive one Time Gate Piece, and if you complete two of the three objectives you will receive none.

Q: Can I earn missed event achievements during Time Gate adventures?

A: Time Gates adventures do not count towards Reach area X in Free Play event achievements, but because a random event variant will be offered with each Time Gate, you *can* complete the "Complete all of the Event Variants" achievement for the given Champion over the course of up to three runs. The system will always pick a variant that you have not yet completed, or a random variant if you have already completed all three.

Q: Does the Tier 2 Kelemvor global blessing increase my Mystra favor earned?

A: No, Time Gates are not technically part of an event campaign, so the Kelemvor blessing does not increase your favor earned when you complete the adventure.

Q: Can I carry my Mystra favor over between Time Gates?

A: No, you must convert your Mystra Favor immediately upon starting a new adventure and will not be able to use it in a new Time Gate even if you open another one immediately.

Q: Who is the woman controlling the Time Gates. Is that Mystra?

A: No. That is Kaylaar Allun, a powerful wizard and a chosen of Mystra. She has reached out to the champions under the bidding of her goddess, Mystra.

Note: (Please note that this FAQ has been updated for Time Gate v2 and will only be applicable if you are running client

v282 or later)