Rescue in the Jungle/Transcript

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Rescue in the Jungle.png Rescue in the Jungle
Rescue a missing templar of the Order of the Gauntlet.
Area Goal Quests & Cinematics
1 Kill 25 Monsters After you rest from your trials, the camp commander "requests" your aid to find a lost patrol.
2 Kill 25 Monsters No rest for the weary or the wicked. Head back into the jungle seeking the kidnapped templars.
3 Collect 25 Stegosaurus Plates It seem you're traveling through the territory of some of Chult's stegosaurus. Collect some of their tough scaly plates.
4 Kill 25 Monsters These creature's plates are thick, but not thick enough.
5 Kill Ancient Stegosaurus As you break into the next clearing an old, ancient even, stegosaurus charges you.
6 Kill 25 Monsters You continue on your journey north, following your guide toward the Batiri goblin village.
7 Kill 25 Monsters The dense jungle floor suddenly gives way and you find yourself in a Chultan temple, ravaged by time. Find your way out.
8 Kill 25 Monsters Strange yellow flowers sprout from the back of these zombies. Chult is a land of endless terror.
9 Collect 25 Yellow Musk Spores Collect some of the spores for study later,. Just don't breathe too deep.
10 Kill Yellow Musk Creeper This plant seem to be the source of these odd zombies. Burn it down.
11 Kill 25 Monsters Clear out the last of these undead so they don't cause a problem for someone else.
12 Collect 25 Ancient Chultan Symbols As you progress further, you notice strange symbols adorning the walls. This information might be of interest to someone back at Port Nyanzaru.
13 Kill 25 Monsters You notice some stairs leading up. Fight your way toward them.
14 Kill 25 Monsters You can smell fresh air. Well, fresh for Chult. You must be close.
15 Kill Flying Snake Swarm You finally make your way to the pinnacle of the temple. You can get back to the jungle easily from here. Only a swarm of flying snakes stands in your way!
16 Kill 25 Monsters You emerge from the temple grounds directly into a triceratops migration! Survive!
17 Kill 25 Monsters Don't get trampled or gutted as you try and find some safety.
18 Collect 25 Triceratops Horns A dinosaur stampede *is* a once in a lifetime event. Might as well pick up a reminder. Collect some triceratops horns.
19 Kill 25 Monsters The pack seems to be thinning. You're almost in the clear!
20 Kill Bloody Triceratops One triceratops took some damage from his fellows. It's eyes are wild as it froths and thrashes. Put it out of its misery.
21 Kill 25 Monsters The stampede has run its course. Time to get back on track.
22 Kill 25 Monsters The jungle opens up into a clearing. At its center stands an imposing 8 foot tall wooden statue banded in metal. You hear screeching. Something really doesn't want you here.
23 Collect 25 Grung Offerings The creatures repeat one word over and over again. Vorn. Vorn. Vorn.
24 Kill 25 Monsters More grungs pour into the clearing trying to drive you off but there are captives waiting. You must press on!
25 Kill Orange Elite Grung It's clear these creatures worship the statue. It's head priest has come to ask if you've heard the good word of Vorn. You think. Probably.
26 Kill 25 Monsters The clearing left behind, you head farther into the jungle. As you would expect, it's still trying to kill you.
27 Kill 25 Monsters The jungle heat is as oppressive as a tyrant.
28 Kill 25 Monsters As you round what your guide assures you is a bend, you encounter some batiri goblins. They seem a bit worse for wear, but attack none the less.
29 Collect 25 Goblin Bandages Your guide suggest that the bandages on some of the goblins might come in handy. Collect some.
30 Kill Battle Scarred Panther A powerful looking, heavily scarred panther leaps out of the canopy seeking the easy prey of the injured Batiri clan goblins.
31 Kill 25 Monsters You guide says the village should be close, given their memory and the number of goblins around.
32 Kill 25 Monsters You reach a clearing scattered with a few broken, goblin sized huts. The jungle is ruthless even to those that make it their home.
33 Collect 25 Goblin Trinkets Fend off the velociraptors while collecting some of the scattered goblin goods laying around. This doesn't seem right. Figure this out.
34 Kill 25 Monsters On closer inspection, it seems like a large section of the village vanished.
35 Kill Deinonychus As you make your way around the clearing, a huge crash draws your attention. It seems you've stumbled on a roving dinosaur brawl!
36 Kill 25 Monsters Debris is scattered in a line towards the west end of the clearing where your guide finds a small, well hidden path. And goblins that survived whatever happened here.
37 Kill 25 Monsters Injured as they are, more Batiri clan block your way. What are they trying to keep you from?
38 Destroy 2 Damaged Huts Huts the same style as the Batiri village block your way. It looks like they just fell from the sky. Very strange.
39 Kill 25 Monsters The jungle doesn't give up its secrets easily. Defend yourself.
40 Kill Batiri Goblin Boss You come upon another, denser, collection of goblins huts in various states of repair and construction. A vicious looking goblin chitters a loud warning and the clan attacks.
41 Kill 25 Monsters More goblins than you have ever seen, each one masked and painted, swarm out of the huts and jungle like ants.
42 Kill 25 Monsters Oh good. These particular goblins have trained some flying monkeys to fight with them.
43 Collect 25 Templar Armor Scraps In the midst of the chaos you see some of the Batiri are wearing pieces of templar plate. They must be here!
44 Kill 25 Monsters The flying monkeys have been driven off. At least you don't have to worry about sky-dung anymore.
45 Kill Goblin Battle Stack Are those goblins climbing on top of one another?
46 Kill 25 Monsters You seem to have discouraged the Batiri from trying that particular tactic again. Now to find the templar.
47 Kill 25 Monsters You see some huts on the far side that look more patched up than the rest. There must be something important over there. Press on!
48 Kill 25 Monsters You hear a voice yell from the other side of the huts. Is that common? You renew your attack, fighting for every inch.
49 Collect 25 Goblin Cage Keys You've found them. Now to find the keys.
50 Kill Batiri Goblin Warchief The warchief seems intent on adding you to their collection. It's time to win the day!