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Large numbers are represented by adding a suffix, similar to how metric prefixes are used (for example, kilowatts, megawatts, and gigawatts).

Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms uses only multipliers of 1000. So 1000 DPS is the same as 1K DPS; 1000K gold is the same as 1M gold; etc.

In the table below, the value is represented as a power of 10 - that means that the raised number after the caret is the number of zeroes following the one in the fully written out number. The names given are the US, Canada and accepted modern British names based upon the short scale system of names for each new multiple of a thousand (10^3), for other naming systems such as the traditional British long scale, where names are given for each new multiple of a million (10^6), see the Wikipedia article on names of large numbers. This table is based off of the Steam/Kartridge version of the game, and it's unlikely to change as the game goes on.

Abbreviation Name Value Equivalent
K Thousand (Kilo) 10^3 1000
M Million 10^6 1000K
B Billion 10^9 1000M
t Trillion 10^12 1000B
q Quadrillion 10^15 1000t
Q Quintillion 10^18 1000q
s Sextillion 10^21 1000Q
S Septillion 10^24 1000s
o Octillion 10^27 1000S
n Nonillion 10^30 1000o
d Decillion 10^33 1000n
U Undecillion 10^36 1000d
D Duodecillion 10^39 1000U
T Tredecillion 10^42 1000D
Qt Quattuordecillion 10^45 1000T
Qd Quindecillion 10^48 1000Qt
Sd Sexdecillion 10^51 1000Qd
St Septendecillion 10^54 1000Sd
O Octodecillion 10^57 1000St
N Novemdecillion 10^60 1000O
v Vigintillion 10^63 1000N
c Unvigintillion 10^66 1000v