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Formation Strategy is one of the Game Mechanics in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms.

Note: This page is severely outdated and most of these formations aren't possible anymore.


Mastering the position of each Champion to maximize their special abilities is the key to completing each adventure. Each Champion's abilities and gear requires careful thought to create the best combination. Only the most powerful formations will defeat the waves of Dungeons & Dragons monsters.

Artemis Formations[]

(Author of this section only has base heroes and Wintershield heroes. Edits to improve formations are appreciated.)

Artemis is rewarded from Wintershield Year 3 and is easily one of the highest DPS heroes due to his level 100 ability Observance. Once you have a flute, Artemis will get a larger buff from observing than from being the one buffed by it; and observance stacks multiplicatively with itself allowing buffs to be applied at many times normal strength.

Early Formation

As noted above we are working with just the 12 base heroes and the Wintershield heroes. The final formation from the first nine slots is as follows. When working toward this configuration move characters around to maximize the outgoing buffs to DPS heroes. Artemis is not only going to be the major source of DPS in this configuration, he will also be tanking thanks to outrageous Mass Cure Wounds and Song of Protection applications. Delina is in a bad spot, but we need the far back spot for Makos so that only two heroes are adjacent for Dark Blessing. Before you get Dark Blessing reverse their positions.

Adding a Tank

Artemis will eventually be taking more damage than he can tank because he will be being overwhelmed before you want to reset. By this point we should be able to afford Tyril and leveling him to 45 for Wildshape.

z3ther's ultimate layout for level 75+:[]

A few reasons, basically I think that Bruenor has one of the best buffs for the cheapest cost (although I have the Many-notched Axe Gear on him which increases his dmg by 700% so this might play into your setup), and putting him on the same row as Minsc is probably the best level 75+ damage, since he does area attack. Jamilah is also one of the best DPS for cost (double hit to clear enemies), so these 3 are my hardest hitters and the majority DPS for the team, and I usually use the others as buffs/tanks to them. I use Celeste for damage and heal buffs, Calliope for the buffs in front (although it sucks that she can't Song Of Protection 2 rows to the front). Nayeli for the massive buffs to the Champions behind her, and although she has one of the best tanking skills, I find her dps buff is better for my casual play. Arkhan has the buff that he needs to be in front with 2 Champions behind, but suit yourself. Asharra does meh damage, but has the human bond which buffs 2/3 of the dps middle column. Tyril for Moonbeam heals and all dps.

Insp3ct's REAL Ultimate Formation guide to 100+ lvling:[]

There is a synergy in this formation that far surpasses any other formation here, it is stable, rock solid dps that doesn't demand the front line getting mobbed before it does any reasonable dps. Ok, here it is:

Now, Lets talk about it.

Arkhan. He is in the front because he has a ton of hp, he gets a buff later for having champs behind him and for him being in the front. ok.

Celeste and Nayeli. Celeste heals Arkhan and buffs our two major DPS in the bottom middle. Nayeli provides the buff for the entire middle column, lets move on.

Bruenor at the top to provide the buff for the major two dps in this column. moving on.

Minsc in the middle. He buffs the party, and he swings AOE, so once he's leveled, he does crazy dps.

Jamilah at the bottom because for the time being, she does the highest singular dps and I so happen to have a sword for her that increases the damage of all champs by 120%. (at lvl 40, Jamilah should swap her location with Minsc due to her ability)

Asharra right bethind Minsc and Jamilah. Asharra buffs the humans in the middle.

Caliope above Asharra. Caliope buffs the middle column.

Tyril in back. Tyril provides a 112% dmg increase to the party.

This current formation affords me 33.1n dps, sitting at lvl 102 comfortably. will be back in a week or month for report after spending earned income.

All Hail Birdsong - The Goddess of Song:[]

Same formation as above but we are going to stick Birdsong in the center. Birdsong's Song of Battle ability increases the damage of heroes within 2 slots of Birdsong. In this formation that means Birdsong is powering all other heroes up. Everything that Birdsong does is going to amplify the Song of Battle ability. Birdsong hits an enemy? Double the Song of Battle. Birdsong kills an enemy? Double the Song of Battle. Birdsong is near a "Good" hero (Theme of Valor upgrade)? Double Song of Battle on that good hero. Birdsong also strikes three enemies in a row. Get Minsc out of here and all hail Birdsong.

Arnatuil's guide to Strix as a hero.[]

Okay so I prefer Strix over Jamilah, because A) I have good gear for Strix, and B) I just like the way her attack animation looks. Oh and yeah thus it does more dps. This includes 2,95e26 gold and Champion gear, which isnt maxed at all.

Like all above I'm talking about the diamond formation, going from front to back, and talking about the upper champion first, though ofcourse it can be mirrored horizontally.

Position Name reasoning Buff to strix
Front Evelyn Less durability but more buff. @525 800%
Front 2nd Arkhan great tank and buffed by two from the row behind him. @Durability
2n high Celeste keeps Evelyn and Arkham alive and buffs Strix because adjescent.

Switch backwards if Arkhan dies (twice) to keep her more valuable fuff over Hitch or Birdsong

@550 36100%
2n low Nayeli buffs row behind her, also able to take a punch if Arkhan dies twice @350 13500%
3th high Strix aoe <3 I chose faster over more dmg, because whén you need more dps, it's because they reach/attack your front row. @210: 562%
3th middle Birdsong increase dps of everyone in two rows, though it matters only a little with Hitch, for me. Go for Good @200 1500% doubled
3th low Bruenor Buffs this row, with two highest dps-ers, but mainly Strix @940 3600%
4th high Calliope buffs middle thus Strix @560 24300%
4th low Hitch go for Charismatic buff, which is higher than 13(?) for Strix so he increases her. @440 6763%
Back Tyril least buff decrease of Moonbeam @440 1535%
Total 2,98 e14

IF I calculated that right its a 298479888378714,456% increase...

From outside formation to 2,86e23 in formation something like 3e46 (playing The Contagious Curse so not absolutely sure) Note that Strix's dps increases when enemies enter within "melee" range, and even further if you chose Panic and they have attacked an ally. Thus killing Ranged enemies is slightly more difficult than melee.

Basic formation layout[]

Nayeli provides the most important buff by taking damage(about 2000% over), so she must be placed on frontline alone.

Place Major dps champion between Nayeli, Celeste and Calliope for taking great buffs. Bruenor must be placed next to Major dps champion because of his buff. Tyril must be placed on endline because of his buff efficiency. Fill spaces with other buff champions.

Although selecting champions depends on their Gear, in general Asharra, Makos and Hitch are good buff champions.

Minsc has area-attack type. He could be best dps choice for earning gold. But if you want to beat the boss, Asharra, Makos, Jamilah and Arkhan would be better than Minsc, because of Hitch's buff skill depending on character's Cha point.

Major dps

Recommended specializations: Tyril - moonbeam, Celeste - war domain, Nayeli - oath of vengeance, Bruenor - rally

Other Strategy Placements[]

Level up Minsc, he does ridiculous AoE damage.

Tata te iubesc[]

**(anon, question, why not makos at top, asharra in back? does more dps for me... Also, sub out Delina for Jamilah. this gets me to 7.0n instead of 3.19n )

PedroAsani's Strix Formations[]

3.19e10% Gold Find, Mad Wizard z241 without Ultimates, 2.25e70 damage

Evelyn, Compel Duel; Birdsong, Theme of Valor; Hitch, Charismatic; Dhadius, Empowered Empowerment; Celeste, War Domain; Nayeli, Oath of Vengeance; Barrowin, Greater Blessing; Strix, Hide!; Deekin, Epic Tale of Little Kobold

Strix has AOE like Minsc, and does ridiculous damage. Everyone else is buffing her. Placement is ready set for the Tier 4 Blessings that will speed up Barrowin (and hopefully add that third hammer) and buff Strix even further.

1.17e12% Gold Find (to 2.26e12 with Ishi) z255 without Ultimates, 1.77e71 damage

Ishi and Bruenor are the only additions/changes, the rest of them remain the same. I usually pick Wait For It and Friend To Shorties, but Clear Em Out is good for quick runs (gem farm or High Roller dice) With Ishi. Bruenor is Battle Master. I would rather use Deekin but placement for use with the Blessings prevents it. I'm experimenting with a long run and will update with stats.