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Familiars are small creatures that can be purchased with either real money, gems, or in the patron shops that allow the player to automate clicking and leveling up Champions.

They get unlocked after having reached area 66 in any campaign.


Clicking Monsters - 5 clicks per second

  • Up to six familiars can be assigned to clicking at a time.
  • If 3 or more are assigned, they will automatically pickup gold, quest items, event items, and the contents of the gem bag.
  • If 5 or more are assigned, they will automatically open the gem bag.
  • If 6 are assigned, they will automatically click distractions.
  • Familiars assigned to this task will always attack the frontmost enemy.
  • Familiars will damage segmented and armored enemies and bosses at the rate of approximately 1 segment every 5 seconds. Armored enemies will receive damage only if the click damage value is higher than the enemy's health.

Leveling Champions - 1 click per second

  • One familiar can be assigned per champion.
  • If the level up system is set to purchase upgrades, they will not level up a champion until the upgrade can be afforded.
  • If set to a fixed amount like x100 familiars will also activate all upgrades included in those levels

Using Ultimates, random - 1 click per 30 seconds

  • Up to four familiars can be assigned to the ultimates bar at once.

Using Ultimate, specific - 1 click per second

  • One familiar can be assigned to each ultimate

List of Familiars[]

Real-Money Purchases in the shop slowly change, with old ones retiring after 6-12 months, often with sales, and new ones being added. Old familiars might be offered as Wild Offers for $10-$20, but will never return to the shop.

Image Name Description Source
Familiar MageHand.png Mage Hand A commonly summoned magical poking device. Icon Gems.png 250
Familiar Pixie.png Pixie She's taking some time off from the riding races. Icon Gems.png 10,000
Familiar Almiraj.png Almiraj Brought to Chult From the distant land of Zakhara. Icon Gems.png 50,000
Familiar Gazer.png Gazer An adorable pet for your everyday evil mage. $14.99 / Wild Offers
Familiar Chwinga.png Chwinga Painfully shy, Chwingas are fascinated by humanoids. $9.99 / Wild Offers
Familiar Pseudodragon.png Pseudodragon The playful version of a terrible destructive dragon. $19.99 / Wild Offers
Familiar CraniumRat Stinky.png Stinky A cute little Cranium Rat! Slightly smelly. $9.99 / Wild Offers
Familiar BlackCat.png Black Cat Your standard button-poking cat. $4.99 / Wild Offers
Familiar FaerieDragon.png Faerie Dragon Your average cat-sized dragon with butterfly wings. $14.99 / Wild Offers
Familiar Juniper.png Armored Juniper The armor can make it difficult to click. Icon Gems.png 30,000
Familiar Boo.png Boo Go for the eye-buttons, Boo! Icon Gems.png 70,000
Familiar GiftMimic.png Gift-Wrapped Mimic The reward for participating in the first anniversary event. Event / Wild Offers
Familiar Iris.png Iris Looks very familiar. Founder's Pack / Wild Offers / Unfair Sea Event
Familiar StellersJay.png Vizier This Steller's Jay haunts Walnut's dreams. $9.99 / Wild Offers
(retired Sep 2020)
Familiar Owl.png Barn Owl Isn't it cute! $4.99 / Wild Offers
(retired Sep 2020)
Familiar Imp.png Imp Zariel is waiting... $4.99 / Wild Offers
(retired Sep 2020)
Familiar Hollyphant.png Lulu the Hollyphant Just wait till she gets her memory back! $9.99 / Wild Offers
(retired Sep 2020)
Familiar Raccoon.png Trash Panda Don't call me a raccoon! $14.99 / Wild Offers
(retired Sep 2020)
Familiar AbyssalChicken.png Abyssal Chicken Tasty bottom-feeders native to the Abyss. $19.99 / Wild Offers
(retired Sep 2020)
Familiar Flumph Green.png Curious Flumph Adorable, yet smelly. $19.99 / Wild Offers
(retired Sep 2020)
Familiar Slobberchops.png Tressym A mischievous winged cat. $14.99 / Wild Offers
(retired Sep 2020)
Familiar Crowy.png Crowy End with joke. Founder's Pack II / Wild Offers
(retired Sep 2020)
Familiar GoldenFlameskull.png Golden Flameskull The color soothes me. Ruby Coin.png 50,000
(requires Mirt Influence 4.00e6)
Conjured Spider.png Conjured Spider Sometimes being the Blackstaff is fun! Symbol of Vajra.png 50,000
(requires Vajra Influence 6.50e6)
Familiar ToyWerewolf.png Toy Werewolf "Is No Fun, Is No Blinsky!" Barovian Coin.png 50,000
(requires Strahd Influence 1.10e7)
Familiar BabySpurt.png Baby Spurt He's VERY quiet! $9.99
Familiar BabyOwlbear.png Baby Owlbear Do not stare directly at the snowy owlbear. $9.99
Familiar IronPup.png Iron Pup This adorable construct will defend its creator with deadly precision. $19.99
Familiar Fluffy.png Fluffy The stuff of beholder nighmares. $14.99
Familiar Raven.png Raven Quoth the Raven: Farm-more Icon Gems.png 100,000
Familiar Quasit.png Quasit Quasit over here... or over there? Icon Gems.png 150,000
Familiar Zorbo.png Zorbo The claws are good at clicking. And other things, too. Icon Gems.png 200,000
Familiar MindfulSloth.png Mindful Sloth Recharge and regain your calm. $9.99
Familiar ArcticFox.png Arctic Fox 10/10 would ride again -Chwinga $14.99
Familiar Wartsworth.png Wartsworth the Toad Don't touch their hat! $14.99
Familiar Goldfish.png Xanathar's Goldfish If The Xanathar asks, it's name is always Sylgar. $4.99
Familiar YetiTyke.png Yeti Tyke As mean as their parents, but 1000% more adorable. $19.99
Familiar Hedgehog.png Hedgehog They feel the need for speed. And Quills Founder's Pack III
Familiar Monodrone.png Monodrone Representing the order of Mechanus Modron Founder's Pack
Familiar PirateParrot.png Pirate Parrot Arrr! $9.99
Familiar CharalynDragonet.png Charalyn Dragonet Beware of madness. $14.99
Familiar TashasCauldron.png Tasha's Cauldron Summon your courage, and take a peek. $4.99
Familiar Grant.png Grant the Baby Blue Dragon Mythic Magic Maker $9.99
Familiar Pirate Phlo.png Pirate Phlo Silent - but slicey! $24.99
Familiar Pirate Griff.png Pirate Griff Beware the brows of judgment. $24.99
Familiar Bubbles.png Bubbles I didn't do it. $4.99
Familiar Cinnamon.png Cinnamon Adorable AND nocturnal! $14.99
Baby Couatl "Hiding in plain sight" Symbol of Zariel.png 50,000
(requires Zariel Influence 3.50e7)