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Icon Divine Favor.png

Divine Favor is one of the Game Mechanics in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms. The more divine favors you have, the faster you can accrue them on subsequent runs. So don't hesitate to reset.


There are many kinds of divine favor in the forgotten realms, each of them being related to a deity, which is in turn related to a Campaign. For each kind of Divine favor, your gold find is permanently increased by 1% per unit of favor, regardless of resets.

Divine favor is also used to purchase Blessings, but the used amount of favor no longer counts towards your permanent increase of gold find.

Permanent Campaign Favor[]

Icon Deity Campaign Description
Icon Torm Favor.png Torm's Favor A Grand Tour of the Sword Coast Favor with Torm, the god of duty and loyalty, revered by those who face danger to bring about a greater good.
Icon Kelemvor Favor.png Kelemvor's Favor Tomb of Annihilation Favor with Kelemvor, the lord of the dead, the judge of the damned, who despises the undead and seeks a peaceful transition for all.
Icon Helm Favor.png Helm's Favor Waterdeep: Dragon Heist Favor with Helm, god of watchfulness.
Icon Tiamat Favor.png Tiamat's Favor Baldur's Gate: Descent into Avernus Favor with Tiamat, queen of evil dragons and goddess of greed.
Icon Auril Favor.png Auril's Favor Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Favor with Auril, the Frostmaiden, the merciless goddess of cold and winter. Folk worship Auril to seek mercy from a hard winter.
Icon Corellon Favor.png Corellon's Favor The Wild Beyond the Witchlight Favor with Corellon, the patron god of all elves.

Event Campaign Favor[]

Icon Deity Campaign Description
Icon Chauntea Favor.png Chauntea's Favor Highharvestide Favor with Chauntea, the goddess of agriculture and the Great Mother, who is often worshiped by rural folk, especially during Highharvestide.
Icon Leira Favor.png Leira's Favor Liars' Night Favor with Leira, the goddess of deception and illusions, who delights in the confusion sown by her various incarnations.
Icon Jergal Favor.png Jergal's Favor Feast of the Moon Favor with Jergal, the final scribe, the pitiless one, the bleak seneschal, who abdicated control of the dead to three ambitious mortals.
Icon Shar Favor.png Shar's Favor Simril Favor with Shar, the Mistress of the Night, the Dark Lady, Our Lady of Loss. The dark twin of Selune.
Icon Oghma Favor.png Oghma's Favor Wintershield Favor with Oghma, god of inspiration, invention, and knowledge. Their faithful spread knowledge and literacy far and wide.
Icon Eldath Favor.png Eldath's Favor Midwinter Favor with Eldath, a goddess of peace. Her presence is felt whereever there is calm.
Icon Sune Favor.png Sune's Favor Grand Revel Favor with Sune, the Lady of Love, the Princess of Passion. She is a deity of passion and delights of the senses.
Icon Umberlee Favor.png Umberlee's Favor Fleetswake Favor with Umberlee, the Bitch Queen, the Queen of the Depths, the Wavemother. Umberlee is feared by sailors and their loved ones alike.
Icon Lliira Favor.png Lliira's Favor Festival of Fools Favor with Lliira, Our Lady of Joy, Joybringer, Mistress of Revels. The beloved goddess of contentment, release, joy, happiness, dance, and freedom.
Icon Lathander Favor.png Lathander's Favor Greengrass Favor with Lathander, the god of spring, birth, and renewal. He is a god not of the sun, but of dawn, representing a new day full of promise.
Icon Rillifane Favor.png Rillifane's Favor The Running Favor with Rillifane, the god of woodlands, wild elves, druids, and nature.
Icon Gond Favor.png Gond's Favor The Great Modron March Favor with Gond, the god of craft, smithing, and inventiveness.
Icon Waukeen Favor.png Waukeen's Favor Dragondown Favor with Waukeen, our lady of gold.
Icon Asmodeus Favor.png Asmodeus's Favor Founder's Day Favor with Asmodeus, Lord of the Ninth Hells.
Icon Savras Favor.png Savras' Favor Midsummer Favor with Savras, god of divination and fortunetelling.
Icon Azuth Favor.png Azuth's Favor Ahghairon's Day Favor with Azuth, God of Wizardry.
Icon Tempus Favor.png Tempus's Favor Brightswords Favor with Tempus, the Lord of Battles.
Icon Mystra Favor.png Mystra's Favor Time Gates Favor with Mystra, the goddess of magic and possibilities.
Icon Bahamut Favor.png Bahamut's Favor Trials of Mount Tiamat Favor with Bahamut, the dragon god of justice.

Favor Conversion[]

Events and time gates give temporary favor that can be converted to permanent campaign favor afterwards, at the following rate:

favor bonus = 10% × log10(event favor)

The log10 basically extracts the exponent from after the e, so if you have 1e12 event favor, that gives a 120% bonus.

Mystra's favor (from Time Gates) is converted at one quarter of this rate.

favor bonus = 2.5% × log10(Mystra's favor)

So 1e12 Mystra favor gives a 30% bonus.


The gold increase may not seem huge at the start, however it becomes very noticeable when it gets to the thousands and higher. The amount of divine favors you get depends on the amount of gold you earned in a run and can be significant for progression. As such, if you get stuck while trying to progress, you should immediately reset, so that you will get some divine favor. Then, when you progress back to the point where you got stuck, you will have earned more gold, and more divine favors too!

For details on how Divine Favor is calculated, see gold formulas.