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Debuffs are adjustments to monster stats that change eg. how much damage the creature takes or how fast it attacks. Most debuffs are visually represented by an icon or animation in front of or under the monster.

If the debuffing ability has stacks, the icon will include some connotation of the stacks. This may be a number of bars, a numeric overlay, a change of colors, or the icon changing from empty to full.

Monster Debuffs[]

Below is an overview of all the debuff overlays in the game.

The Icon is how this debuff appears in-game.

The Ability Name is the name of the ability that applies the debuff.

Applied by lists the Champion who uses the ability.

Global will tell how it might interact. Some debuffs only help the Champion that applied the debuff (Personal), aid only certain positions in the formation (Positional), and some will help all Champions (+). Some don't affect Champions at all (-).

Sticky indicates that the Champion that uses the ability may be swapped out for another Champion; the applied debuff will persist regardless (yes). It may persist regardless of the creating Champion, but in both cases wears of after a specific number of seconds (timer). Non-sticky debuffs (-) will vanish the moment the Champion is removed or swapped from the party.

(Last update 2021 February)

Icon Ability Name Applied by Effect Global? Sticky?
Effect Stunned monster.png
Stunned numerous[1] Target is unable to take actions + timer
Particle SisaspiaSpore.png
Halo of Spores Sisaspia additional damage as DoT + -
Overlay Ezmerelda Pause.png
Training Montage - Pause Ezmerelda additional damage positional yes
Overlay Ezmerelda Prepare.png
Training Montage - Prepare Ezmerelda reduces health; if hit-based/armored doubles HP removed positional yes
Overlay Ezmerelda Parry.png
Training Montage - Parry Ezmerelda first attack on any champion will miss if monster is non-boss + yes
Overlay RubyRage.png
Ultimate Ruby Brilliance Regis slows, additional damage for 15s + timer
Effect Donaar Flee.png
Base Attack Command - Flee Donaar additional damage for 10s, pushback + timer
Effect Donaar Fear.png
Base Attack Command - Fear Donaar chance to miss for 5s + timer
Effect Donaar Drop.png
Base Attack Command - Drop it! Donaar Increases Gold dropped on kill + yes
Marked by Lizardfolk Tactics Korth Buffs attacker. Reduces attack cd, with additional abilities temporary HP, increased dmg, and more. + -
Effect Talin ScatterTack batch.png
Scatter Tacks Talin additional damage, slows, lasts for 10s + timer
Effect ElectricityStun.png
Ultimate Banishing Smite Nayeli Applies Stunned + timer
Effect ArcticDebuff.png
Base Attack-Dissonant Whispers or Sleet Storm K'thriss, Gromma slows; additional damage if upgraded Gromma + timer
Spiked Shell Gromma additional damage, stackable, gained when attacking Gromma + yes
Effect WaspSwarm.png
Wa-spiration Spurt A random effect that may increase damage of the hero or reduce their base attack cooldown + yes
Effect StokiMarkofKi.png
Ki Strike Stoki buffs champions personal yes
Doodad Fire.png
Ultimate Flame Lance Sentry Applies Damage over Time (DoT) + timer
Base Attack - Divine Strike with Nature's Wrath specialization Sentry stuns for 3s + timer
Effect Vines.png
Base Attack - Tangling Scimitar Jaheira Roots. Target cannot move towards party + timer
Effect BaelothGoldFind.png
Paid Partially with Pain Baeloth increases gold + yes
Effect XanderDistraction.png
Distraction Xander chance to award double quest progress + yes
Effect ThibbledorfBleed.png
Spiked Hug - Base Attack, Bleed Pwent Pwent has a chance to immediately attack again personal yes
Effect Krond Eldritch Strike.png
Eldritch Strike Krond additional damage from Kronds base attacks personal yes
Effect KrullPlague Pilfer.png
Draconic Plague - Pilfer Krull increases gold + -
Effect KrullPlague Pain.png
Draconic Plague - Pain Krull additional damage + -
Effect KrullPlague Traitor.png
Draconic Plague - Traitor Krull nearby enemies take damage on hit + -
Effect Favored.png
Favoured Enemy Minsc additional damage + -
Effect Boastful.png
Boastful Minsc extra enemy spawned - yes
Ultimate BooEffect.png
Ultimate Go for the Eyes! or Have You Met My Friends Minsc, Penelope additional damage for 30s + timer
Effect CattiMarkDeath2.png
Mark for Death Catti-Brie additional damage for 60s, stunns at full gauge + timer
Effect CattiUltimate.png
Ultimate Empty the Quiver Catti-Brie Grants all champions critical hit chance when ettacking this enemy + timer
Overlay FreelyLuckofYondallaOpportunity.png
Luck of Yondalla - Opportunity Freely additional damage + timer
Overlay FreelyLuckofYondallaRequisition.png
Luck of Yondalla - Requisition Freely increases gold + timer
Overlay FreelyLuckofYondallaFollowThrough.png
Luck of Yondalla - Follow Through Freely reduced base attack cooldown + timer
Overlay FreelyLuckofYondallaStagger.png
Luck of Yondalla - Stagger Freely chance of stun on being attacked + timer
Effect LuciusArcaneChromatAcid.png
Arcane Chromat - Acid Lucius DoT personal yes, circumstancial
Effect LuciusArcaneChromatCold.png
Arcane Chromat - Cold Lucius slows, additional damage for 10s + timer
Effect LuciusElementalAdeptSpotOverlay.png
Elemental Adept Lucius stuns shortly + timer
Effect BeadleChickenLeg.png
Special Order Beadle increases gold + yes
Effect GrimmMug.png
Special Order Grimm additional damage + yes
Overlay GuenhwyvarBleed.png
Guenhwyvar, Bleed Drizzt improves Drizzts attacks, target may miss their attacks personal yes
Effect AilaStormAura.png
Storm Aura, Primed Aila additional damage + yes
Effect AilaStormSoul.png
Storm Soul, Electrified Aila more additional damage + yes
Overlay LazaapzLightningLauncher.png
Lightning Launcher Lazaapz additional damage + timer
Effect Slow Havilar.png
Ultimate Heroic Sacrifice or Cause for Celebration Havilar, Baeloth Slows, stackable + yes (Hav) or timer (Bae)
Torogar Mark of Tiamat.png
Blood Rage, Mark of Tiamat Torogar additional damage, potentially stuns, increases enemy attack cooldown + yes
Effect poorhygiene.png
Poor Hygiene or Wa-spiration - Skunky Strix, Spurt additional damage + -
Overlay WardenHex.png
Hex / Relentless Hex Warden additional damage + yes
Effect DragonbaitAvenger.png
Ultimate Holy Avenger Dragonbait additional damage + yes
Ultimate Tip the Scales Nerys additional damage taken, reduced damage dealt + timer
Effect MelfRighteous.png
Righteous Determination Melf additional Ultimate damage + yes
Effect MelfSpeedy.png
Speedy Supplement Melf extra enemy spawned - yes
Ultimate Erupting Earth, Base Attack with Minor Eruption specialisation Penelope slows movement by 50% for 30s - timer
  1. Characters with the ability to stun include Stoki, Warden, Aila, Donaar, Wulfgar, Krond, Freely

Champion Debuffs[]

Most debuffs affecting your champions are caused by the currently played variant. Check out the variant description and the Buff icons at the top right of the screen.

Icon Name most likely cause Description
Icon Effect Overwhelmed.png
Overwhelmed more then 25* enemies attacking
(*value of overwhelm stat, 20-25 for most tanks, 5 for most non-tanks; may be increased by feats)
Increases damage taken by champion.
For every attacker above the overwhelm value, damage rises by 10%.
Effect Frightened.png
Frightened Varied stuns
Effect Stunned.png
Stunned Varied no action can be taken
Effect GrungPoison.png
Poison Varied


Icon Name most likely cause Description
Enrage.png Enrage Boss monster staying alive for a while Increases damage of boss by displayed amount
IconPack platinum coin.png
Platinum coin Torm global blessing Less Distracted,
Donaar base attack, others
marks additional gold dropped
Purple Coin K'thriss Hoardsperson ability slightly reduce gold to temporarely increase damage