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Agile Allies Weekend is one of the Weekends in Idle Champions of the Forgotten Realms where you can buy special Gold Chests and Golden Gear.

The following Champions will get a buff this weekend: Pwent, Shandie, Hitch, Tyril, and Wulfgar.


Use these powered up Champions to complete your Feast of the Moon variants!


Gold Agile Chest
Golden Gear
Boots of Speed - Shandie (4th slot).

Champions & Buffs

Icon Name Buffs Applied Banner
Pwent Increases the effect of Pwent's Count' Em Off and Gutbuster Recruits abilities by 200%.
Agile Allies Weekend Notification.png
Shandie Increases the effect of Shandie's Agile Allies and Explosive Arrow abilities by 200%.
Hitch Increases the effect of Hitch's Natural Performer ability by 200%.
Tyril Increases the effect of Tyril's Moonbeam ability by 200%.
Wulfgar Increases the effect of Wulfgar's Clangeddin's Will and Moradin's Will abilities by 200%.


This weekend event took place during 2020's Feast of the Moon event, on November 20th through November 23rd.


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